Join Our Launch Team!


We’re so excited to invite you to join our launch team for the podcast!

What’s the podcast?

We’re recording our conversations surrounding what we’re learning in the realms of faith, life and personal development. That could be everything from shame, disappointment, social media, conflicts, romantic relationships etc. These conversations are important and we want to process life with you and spark conversations with your own friends!

What does being a part of a launch team mean?

You’ll get first access to our podcast and be able to give first feedback on what you liked and didn’t enjoy. We want you to be a part of forming what this project looks like and unlock unique content like our personal notes on the topics, resources from what we’ve been learning, and more!

You’ll get a chance to share your thoughts and then share the content and podcast with your friends who you think would enjoy it too.

Not only that, but by being a part of our launch team you’ll be invited to our exclusive release party when the podcast goes live!

If it becomes overwhelming you can choose what parts you participate in or don’t. We value your input and voice at whichever capacity you can give it.



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